Evaluation is Warranted

Evaluation is warranted

After a determination to evaluate is made, the CST will:

1.  Provide prior written notice (including SPSS) to the parent/guardian (adult student if appropriate) within fifteen (15) calendar days.

2.  Provide NJAC 6A: 14 and NJAC 1.6A.

3.  Develop the evaluation plan. (Consider the nature and scope of the evaluation as well as the childs dominant language)

4.  Request consent from the parent (adult student)

5.  Assign a case manager to the student.

6.  Facilitate a meeting with the parent (adult student if appropriate) immediately upon completion of all evaluations.

Note: Evaluation is to be conducted in a timely manner keeping in mind that, if found eligible, the students program must be developed and implemented within ninety (90) days.