Annual Review

Annual Review

Annually, or more often if necessary, the IEP team shall meet to review and revise the IEP and determine student placement.

Meeting Notice:

The students special education teacher will send the parent (adult student) notice of the meeting and PRISE.

Meeting Participants:

The IEP team (listed below) shall participate in the annual review meeting.

A. Parent (adult student)

B. Student (if appropriate)

C. Case manager

D. One CST member (minimum may be the case manager)

E. Representative of district (may be CST member or case manager)

F. Special education teacher

G. Regular education teacher

H. Transition service provider (if appropriate)

Data Review:

The IEP team shall review the following data obtained by the childs special education teacher.

A. Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance Statement

B. Most recent evaluative data

C. Students anticipated needs

D. Other relevant information

Written Notice:

Within fifteen (15) days of the meeting, the parent (adult student) must be provided with:

  1. Written notice of the proposed actions including the IEP program and educational placement.
  2. A copy of the short procedural safeguards statement (SPSS).

The parent (adult student) may disagree with the determination by requesting mediation, a due process hearing or an independent education evaluation.

Consideration and Implementation:

The parent (adult student) shall be provided fifteen (15) calendar days to consider implementation of the revised IEP. The parent (adult student) may agree in writing to implement the revised IEP sooner.

The IEP may be implemented after fifteen (15) calendar days if the parent (adult student) does not disagree by requesting mediation or a due process hearing.