Assistant Principal 5th - 8th Grade

Dear Parents and Guardians:

It is with great pleasure that I welcome returning Jaguars, their families as well as our new students and families to our school community. After nineteen years as part of the Fairfield Township School family as a middle school teacher, I am honored to re-introduce myself as your Assistant Principal for fifth through eighth grades. In this role, I am part of your student’s success team to ensure that they develop into academically, socially, and emotionally mature young adults capable of achieving all of their goals.

As a community school, we promote a safe, supportive educational environment which provides a rigorous, dynamic program that meets the needs of each student. In collaboration with our students, families and community partners, we take the responsibility for supporting all students to become productive lifelong learners and valuable contributors to our society.

I am very mindful that these continue to be challenging times for students, parents, families and our community. I am confident that through working together this coming school year, we will be able to assist each student in finding success. You have our commitment to create and carry out challenging programs that enable our students to flourish and feel personally invested in their own successes. We will meet and exceed our goals by:

*Encouraging a creative and positive school climate for optimal learning;

*Empowering each student to set high goals and standards for themselves;

*Providing meaningful activities and curriculum opportunities to foster academic, social, emotional and physical growth; and

*Organizing our school so all students, parents and staff fulfill their responsibilities and assist our school in achieving its goals.

Part of meeting these goals will be accomplished through promoting Fairfield Township School’s cultural norms:

1. School pride;
2. Education is sacred;
3. We respect one another;
4. No one has the right to hurt another person; and
5. We will never behave in a manner that will discredit ourselves, our team, or our school
If you have any questions or if I can provide additional support, please reach out so that we can work together. Thank you for entrusting your students with us. We are here to work with families to foster a meaningful learning experience.

Yours in education,
Dr. Lisa Niemi