After a decision to evaluate is made, the IEP team will determine:

1.  The nature and scope of the evaluation as outlined on the parental consent form.

2.  Which CST members and/or specialist(s) will conduct the evaluations.

Within fifteen (15) calendar days of the meeting, the parent (adult student, when applicable) will be provided with:

1.  Written notice of the determination(s) and proposed action(s):

  • The evaluation is warranted.
  • The student is considered identified as potentially disabled.
  • The nature and scope of the evaluation.

2.  A request for written consent from the parent (when the student is an adult, consent is obtained from the student).

3.  A copy of the short procedural safeguards statement (SPSS.)

4.  Copies of the special education rules (NJAC 6A:14) and the due process hearing rules (NJAC 1:6A).


The parent (adult student) must be given the opportunity to consider the proposed initial evaluation for up to fifteen (15) calendar days before providing consent. Consent may be provided sooner.

If the parent (adult student) refuses to provide consent (within fifteen (15) calendar days), and the district and parent (adult student) have not agreed to other action, the district shall request a due process hearing according to NJAC 6A:14-2.7(b) to obtain consent.


When consent for an initial evaluation is granted, the evaluation shall be conducted without delay. The evaluation, determination of eligibility for services and, if eligible, the development and implementation of the IEP shall be completed within ninety (90) calendar days.

NOTE: When assessments are completed, a written report of the results of each assessment will be prepared and provided to parents (adult student) ten (10) calendar days prior to the eligibility meeting. Parent may agree to have meeting prior to expiration of the ten (10) day review period.