Eligibility Meeting

Eligibility Meeting

A student shall be determined eligible and classified eligible for special education and related services when all three of the following conditions exist:

  • The student has one or more of the disabilities defined in 6A: 14-3.5(c) 1-13 (supplemental handout).
  • The disability adversely affects the students educational performance.
  • The student is in need of special education and related services.
  1. Case manager will send the parent (adult student) notice of the meeting and PRISE.
  2. Eligibility is determined collaboratively by the IEP team. (participants listed below)

A. Parent (adult student)

B. Teacher who is knowledgeable about the students educational performance or district programs

C. Case manager

D. Minor pupil, if appropriate

E. Person referring the pupil as potentially disabled, or the principal or designee

F. At least one CST member who participated in the evaluation

   3.  At the meeting.

A. Case manager will provide written notice, including SPSS and Eligibility Forms.

B. If a member of the IEP team is in disagreement with the eligibility determination, their signature of disagreement is required as well as a written statement defending their position.

Student is eligible:

  1. If the parent (adult student) consents to eligibility, the IEP meeting may be conducted immediately. (participants are listed below)

A. Parent (adult student)

B. Regular education teacher

C. Special education teacher

D. One CST member (minimum)

E. Case manager

F. Representative of district (may be CST member)

G. Student (if appropriate)

H. Transition service provider (if appropriate)

  1. If parent (adult student) requests the fifteen (15) day consideration period, the case manager will send a letter. Meeting is scheduled after fifteen (15) days.
  2. The case manager gives the parent (adult student) a copy of the IEP, including written notices and SPSS, no later than fifteen (15) calendar days after the meeting.
  3. The IEP implementation date is the date of parent (adult student) consent and signature.

Student is not eligible:

Within fifteen (15) days of the meeting, the parent (adult student) must be provided with:

  1. Written notice of the determination that the student is ineligible for special education and related services.
  2. A copy of the short procedural safeguards statement (SPSS).

The parent (adult student) may disagree with the determination by requesting mediation, a due process hearing or an independent education evaluation.