Testing Information

On December 7, 2020, all 4th through 8th grade students will participate in a MANDATORY state assessment, START STRONG a mini-version of the NJSLS or former name PARCC. It is important that you review this correspondence.


Start Strong Assessment 

Remote Testing Parent Administrator Guide 

Purpose of Start Strong Assessment 

The Start Strong Assessments for English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, and Science  provide educators and parents with an initial indication of some conceptual or skill gaps that  might exist in a student’s understanding of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) and the level of support students may need to inform instruction. The Start Strong Assessments are available for students in 4th through 8th grades and high school (HS). 

The Start Strong Assessments’ primary purpose is to provide instructional information for  classroom teachers and school and district leaders about student needs for additional support  upon returning to school and beginning grade-level instruction. The Start Strong Assessments are not a summative assessment of student learning following a period of instruction. It does  not cover the full breadth and depth of the NJSLS, nor does it include all of the same item  types. The Start Strong Assessments produce classroom-level information as a standards-based  complement to the resources used locally to evaluate the needs of students. They provide an  initial indication of some conceptual or skill gaps that might exist in a student’s understanding  of the NJSLS and the level of support students may need to inform instruction. The information  provided by these assessments are only one piece of the puzzle used to holistically understand  a student’s academic performance. The data should only be used with other supporting  evidence (assignments, homework, etc.) when drawing conclusions about a student’s overall  academic performance. 

Testing Environment 

Your student is sitting down to take an assessment. While they are not in the traditional school  setting, you should be aware of the testing environment around them to avoid distractions. 

• Consider room configuration—Do prepare a space that is quiet, well lit, and free from  distraction. 

• Ensure your student has enough time to allow the full testing time where applicable.  The Start Strong Assessment was designed to be administered in 45–60 minutes. • Only people involved in taking and administering the assessment should be in the  environment, where possible. Take actions to reduce noise (TV, music, alarms).  • No food or drinks should be allowed near test materials.  

• For computer-based testing, ensure your student has a device that meets the minimum hardware and software requirements (See Test Access in the section below). Ensure the student’s device is fully charged or plugged in. 

Accessing the Start Strong Assessment 

Administration best practices should mimic in-person standard practices where possible. The  following checklists will help you ensure a successful administration for your remote test  administration.

Test Access 

• Most students will access the assessments online with the teacher-provided username  and password. 

• Verify your student’s computer, laptop, or tablet meets testing requirements before you  start. Assessments work with many devices and browsers, but not all. Refer to the Start  Strong Technical Requirements document for additional details. For more in-depth  information, you will find the full technology guidelines under the online Technology  Section of the New Jersey Student Learning Assessments Resource Center.  https://nj.mypearsonsupport.com/technology-setup 

• The TestNav app is also available for download: 

o For personal devices, Pearson’s TestNav app downloaded directly from the TestNav downloads page. 

o Read System Requirements and Installation Details before you download  TestNav. 

o Your student will log in using the same teacher-provided username and  password. 

Login Information 

• Your student's teacher/proctor will provide the login information needed to sign into  the test. It will look similar to this example: 

• Login information for your student includes: 

o Username 

o Password 

• After reviewing the technology guidelines and practice resources, use the username and password to log into TestNav. 

o The TestNav Login Screen looks like this:

• When your student is ready to begin the test, you may instruct them to click the Start  button. 

• Once your student has entered the test, they will be taken to an introduction screen  that shows how many questions are on the test and provides brief instructions. Once  they have read the instructions, they may click the Start button to begin. 

During the Online Test 

• You can encourage your student to do their best work. 

• Remind your student that you cannot help them with test questions. You can explain  that you will be working with them like their teacher/proctor normally would during a  test in school. 

• You may provide your student with a piece of scratch paper to use during the test.  • Your student may pause and return to the test at any time. However, once your student  has finished the Start Strong assessment, he or she should click the “Submit Final  Answers” button within the test.  

Test Submission 

How to Submit a Test 

• After your student answers the last test question, a summary screen will appear.

• This screen shows how many questions are not answered and how many questions are bookmarked. 

• It allows your student a chance to review questions that have not been answered or  have been flagged. 

Confirming Test Submission 

• After your student clicks the Submit Final Answers button, a pop-up window will appear. Your student will need to confirm that he or she is ready to submit the test. 

• Your student may click 

o Yes, Submit Final Answers or 

o No, Cancel (this will return your student to the test). 

Start Strong Assessment Results 

• Specific information on how your student did on the Start Strong assessments will be  available from your student’s teacher. 


Student is Unable to Log In 

• If your student is unable to log into a test using the login information provided, please  contact your student’s teacher/proctor to have them confirm your student’s credentials  and reset your login. 

Student is Exited from the Test 

• If your student is exited from the test, he or she can log back in using the same login  information provided, once your teacher/proctor resets the log in. Your student’s  answers will still be there. 

Test is Slow to Load or there is a Timeout Error 

• Internet speed may be slowed due to a lot of internet activity (video or music streaming,  other family members working online, multiple devices accessing the network). Slow  page loads and a timeout error are most likely due to low bandwidth/internet speed.  Temporarily disconnecting other devices that connect to the internet should help. 

Any Other Technical Issues 

• If you or your student have any other technical issues with the Start Strong assessments,  please contact your student’s teacher/proctor for assistance.