The following steps will be followed when making a decision for evaluation:

1. The parent or district staff (see Referral section - referral origination) will submit a written request for initial evaluation (referral), including nurses summary of available health and medical information.

2. The CST will schedule a meeting of the evaluation team within twenty (20) calendar days of district receipt of letter. All participants (see below) will sign the sign-in sheet.

3. The CST will send meeting notices (including complete copy of PRISE) to:

A.   Parent (adult student)
B.   If appropriate, the letter will be written in the native language

At the meeting, the IEP team will review all available data (see below) and make a determination regarding the need for an evaluation.


Available data shall include, but not be limited to, evaluations and information provided by the parents, current classroom-based assessments, observations of teachers and related services providers, health status, I&RS information.