Dress Code

Great News!!!  We have modified our school wide dress code for the betterment of families.  In particular, we added a few more colors.  These identified new colors shall be considered acceptable for the 2018-2019 school year.

 Students are permitted to wear the following moving forward:

 Tops:   Royal Blue, Light Blue, Navy Blue, or White

 Bottoms: Khaki, Navy Blue, or Black (this includes pants, dresses, and skirts)

 Dress Codes are an important part of the climate of schools.  At Fairfield Township School it is no different. Our goal is to always provide an environment that is free of distractions, safe, orderly, and conducive to learning.  We have sincerely attempted to enforce the current Dress Code in previous years, but have found it to be unfair in terms of options.  This new Dress Code will allow students some freedom in the way they choose to dress while allowing us to meet the goal of a distraction free environment in our school.