2018-2019 District Goals

Goal #1

  • To improve student growth in reading. By June 2018, students in grades 1-4 will have 75% of students meeting their target end of the year guided reading level score based on the initial guided reading level of assessments.
  • This will be measured by targeting 1.5 years of growth or meeting expectations according to Fountas and Pinnell progress monitoring chart.

Goal #2

  • To improve student growth in mathBy June 2018, students in grades 3-6, 45% of students will achieve a score of 70% or better on the end of the year math NJ State curriculum framework assessment.
  • This will be measured by local assessments, benchmarks, and State curriculum framework assessments.

Goal #3

  • To improve school climate and culture. Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, the superintendent will promote family and community engagement as well as a school wide character education program that supports the social, emotional, and learning needs of students.
  • This will be measured by having 60% of character education lessons taught, 50% of students will create a character portfolio scoring 3 or better on a 1-4 scale rubric, the amount of community events, and other data collection methods, such as reduction of discipline infractions and suspension rates.

Goal #4

  • To improve student rate of absences. By June 2018, we will improve chronic student absenteeism by reducing the rate by 3% school wide, especially as it pertains to the at-risk and special education students.
  • This will be measured by student attendance, surveys, frequency, appropriateness, and effectiveness of activities/ events.

Goal #5

  • To support and improve fiscal responsibility and implement best protocol practices, prioritizing the use of funds, and creating new revenue sources.
  • This will be measured by reports and other data assessment instruments, including audit reports.  There will be evidence to show an increase of district grants (and other funding revenue pathways), and streamlined procedures to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.